The BIG Declutter Event!
We hang onto things for many reasons:

• for the memories they contain
• to make someone else happy (spouse, parent, in-law, child)
• an unconscious fear we won't have enough (scarcity mindset)
• we're busy already; it feels hard to declutter, so things pile up & we stress out more
• we tell ourselves that "one day" we'll fix it, read it, play it, fit into it – but we never do.
Oh, how attached we become... to people, memories, thoughts... and THINGS.
Let go, let go, let go.
As we accumulate things over the years, they begin to weigh us down. 

They tether us to who we WERE... who we no longer want to BE... and to who OTHER PEOPLE want us to be.
October 1-31, 2023
with Barbara Ireland
Clear Your Space • Get Unstuck • Increase Your Energy • Raise Your Mood
As we let go of THINGS, we free ourselves to be more of who we really are.
Not the You who is connected with the PAST:
  • clothes that fit your body 5 years ago - but not anymore... so you feel bad about yourself to look at them;
  • notes and books from a past job or workshop that you never reference anymore (if you ever did);
  • antiques and heirlooms from your parents that you don't like or need but the idea of getting rid of them brings on guilt or sadness;
  • love letters and mementos from a past love affair (might that be what's holding you back from love now?)...

Not the You who is connected with the FUTURE:
  • art projects you'll never finish because you're onto a new passion;
  • books you'll never read and clothes you thought you'd wear “someday”... but they aren't your (or anyone's!) style anymore...

Not the You whose mind is cluttered by EXTERNAL CLUTTER:
  • Sticky tupperware without lids, crammed junk drawers, expired lotions and shampoos, unworn jewelry, broken objects, piles of paper and dusty mail, thousands of unread emails, hobbies you forgot about...
Confusion and stuck-ness, lethargy, anxiety, lack of direction, irritation, low moods...
and it blocks the flow of love, money, radiant health, and Life energy.
As we let go of clutter, we allow fresh air (actual and metaphorical) to enter our lives, our homes, our minds, our hearts.

We open our life to love... to purpose... to lightness of Being (joy!)... to a greater understanding of Who We Are... to Spirit.

We open ourselves to more abundance, more health, more peace.

It can be a magical experience.

Allow yourself to OPEN, to feel the freedom of a decluttered space (and mind).
October 1-31, 2023
The BIG Declutter Event!
Here's how it will work:
Day 1 you will declutter ONE item.
Day 2 you will declutter TWO items.
Day 3 you will declutter THREE items.
    ...and so on until the end of the month.
You'll join your fellow Big Declutterers in a Private Facebook Group.
You'll receive DAILY posts to keep you on track (and often laugh!).
I'll join you LIVE (online) to offer inspiration, insights, and motivation.

It won't take much of your time. Or effort.
Just your commitment, to show up, for YOU.

You will FEEL and EXPERIENCE noticeable effects.

Joy... Lightness... Abundance.
By the end of April, you will have decluttered over 500 items!
The cost to join?

Less than two Americanos: $7 bucks.

The cost NOT to join?

More stress, stuck-ness, lack of clarity, decreased abundance, devitalized health and energy... and a messy home!
Join us! I look forward to letting go, with you.
In appreciation,
Barbara Ireland
YES, I can't wait to get this clutter OUT!